Monday, November 28, 2005

A small melting pot

I have served as a part time job at a stew speciality store in LUMINE shinjyuku. As LUMINE is complex shopping site,people of various occupations come and go by using official elevator. In fact,whenever I take the elevator to the 8th floor where employee can free to take a rest, I see many shop staff who have each different costume go on and off. it's very interesting that shop staff who are the same race but have kind of occupation separating are gatherd. Each shop identity grow into one. I feel it's small melting pot! I 'm lucky to work there.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Sorry! my blog had been bad condition for some time, so Ⅰ tried to start all over again. however, each postting is lined in reverse. Though It seems strange, Don't worry!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

when I saw the film first, the characters made my heart warm though I didn't know why . In those days, there is a healing boom in Japan so those film characters will catch on with japanease young people. Japanease many animated cartoon characters are success around the world. because those characters are very charming , for example "hello kitty" "doraemon" and so on...I'm very proud of our culture and I want to know animations in the world. through animations, we can share with each culture. it's very fun!
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these days, I have been absorbed with "yoga". I have not done sports since I graduatetd from high school, so I have been dying for exercise. At last, I could get the chance ! Whenever I have some free time, I do it.Yoga has root in India. I can learn not only yoga's pose but also religious thinking of India. yoga build up my strength and elevate my mind. I felt that my distortion of the whole body were corrected and I grew any centimaters through yoga. Even if being above the age of 20, there is still room for growing. I'm lucky! I'd like to keep doing it everyday!
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Thursday, October 13, 2005

when I was taking the tokyu touyoko line, I was asked by a forigner suddenly. The man told me that he wanted to leave for motomachi chuukagai.but he was taking the wrong train! The train we were getting on will get to shibuya station soon. Though I felt bad about his failure, truthfully, I said to him "you are completery taking the reverse train! so, you have to turn back by the correct train as soon as this train arrived at the platform at shibuya". Then he thanked smily to me and quickly head for another platform. I was watching him go to the correct platform for a moment. However, he passed through the ticket gate and changed ginza lines without notice! I have worried about him whether he had got to motomachi chuukagai at that time...
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